Dotting the i's and crossing the t's.

We will ensure you are in the right team and the right car wherever possible. We will look after and maximise the commercial aspects of your career including promotion and marketing. Being successful in motor sport is extremely difficult and even the most gifted need more than just financial backing.

Public Relations

We help our clients to stand out with co-ordinated social media and PR campaigns designed to build profile and generate exposure.

Commercial management

Negotiating the right deals, dealing with contracts and safeguarding your future. We will work on activating your commercial partnerships as well as measuring and analysing their impact and effectiveness. Our aim is for you to always go the extra mile. Commercial relationships are the life blood of your career.

Career Planning and Implementation

For a racing driver, team choice is a fundamental factor for a successful campaign. We will ensure you are in the best possible team with the right deal. Equally important is the next step; planning and preparing for the short, medium and long term future means you maximise your time and arrive ready.

Team Veloce

We are putting together a program to create a buzz around the people we work with. The program will use multiple platforms including social media, print, video and virtual racing to establish our drivers as personalities in their own right. We will engage the public with the aim of developing an attractive platform for commercial partners.

Business to Business Hub

A big part of the commercial success of sponsorship in motor sport is the facilitation of business to business opportunities and relationships. The Veloce Business to Business Hub will use the sport to create and develop events, designed specifically for business to business networking.