Our Drivers.

Charlie Oliver

Charlie is dedicated to winning; working hard and consistently at every aspect of his career. Natural speed is blended with intelligence and focus. For Charlie, nothing other than victory is good enough and he will do whatever it takes to operate at the highest possible standards.

Charlie is fluent in four languages, English, French, Spanish and Arabic. Commercially this is a big advantage because it gives him an ability to communicate with the media and promote sponsors in four distinct global markets. He speaks clearly and confidently and enjoys public promotional events. Furthermore, Skills in Arabic are an especially vital asset, since the number of people of Western origin who have learnt this language and are able to communicate across the Arab and Western markets, is extremely limited.

Following a successful career in karting, Charlie has excelled himself at Esports racing using his intelligent, analytical approach to master the art of simulator racing, as well as learn and develop vital skills for operating in the real motor sport world.

The aim for 2021 is to compete for the French F4 title.

Sarah Thomson

Sarah comes from good motor racing stock as her father was a very successful GT driver in the 1990s. Motor racing is in her blood and it has been her ambition to become a racing driver since childhood. Sarah didn’t get the opportunity to start in kart racing for various reasons but she is throwing herself at the task of car racing. This is alongside her accountancy studies.

Intelligence, work ethic and determination are the cornerstones of Sarah’s approach. She is working closely with Veloce to quickly develop her skills using a mixture of simulator work, track days and testing.

The aim for Sarah in 2021 is to compete for the PCGB Boxster title.

Kat Impey

Kat is one of the fastest female racing drivers in the world. A consistent front runner, winner, pole sitter and lap record holder at every level she has competed at. Starting karting at the age of 11, Kat rose rapidly through the ranks into cars, getting as high as Formula 3.

Now a leading driver coach and industry expert, Kat is working with career minded junior drivers and amateur drivers alike to develop their driving and racing.

The aim for Kat in 2021 is to compete for the overall GT4 Cup Challenge.