“Preparation is a constant for an athlete. From day to day routines for fitness and nutrition through to maximising track time – thorough and continuous preparation is a corner stone of success.”


Sport is 90% mental so it is a major focus during preparation. Understanding what makes you tick – what motivates and de-motivates you, how you prefer to approach your sport and how to get the best out of yourself consistently are incredibly important. We work with you to help develop focus, motivation, imagery, emotional regulation, mindfulness, and confidence


Being fit won’t make you a faster racing driver but it will allow you to sustain a high level of performance for a long time under pressure. It will free up mental capacity while you drive and help deal with stress out of the car.


Understanding how and why a car behaves as it does, how your inputs effect things and how you can harness and manipulate the forces at work are vital skills for a racing driver. Using data to your advantage and integrating what you feel, with what is in the data, is a powerful tool.


Marginal Gains

The theory of marginal gains is to make small improvements in every area so that it adds up to a big gain overall. Constantly evaluating every aspect of your performance and preparation will pay massive dividends


As part of every program we carry out regular assessments to monitor and guide progress. We work with leading sports scientists who specialise in all areas of an athletes performance to monitor physiology and mental acuity.



Dealing with the media goes with the territory of professional sport. Learning to engage well with the media so that they will seek you out is a skill worth developing. Our programs include expert media coaching.


A vital part of a racing drivers job is to communicate to engineers and other team personnel, what the car is doing. It can often make the difference between which driver a team employs. Developing your knowledge and understanding of engineering is a key skill.